Can you hear me now?

I've taken a unconscious hiatus from my technology, lately. I don't feel the urge to blog, tweet super exciting life happenings*, or check email. In fact, today I had my phone off for the entire morning until about 5 minutes ago. It was glorious.

And while I am not anti-technology, in fact I love the friendships it can make and the advances it is taking, I do think we need days like today... where you just sit with a cup of coffee and eliminate the distractions of cell phones, laptops, and music.

While I may not have taken a long break from social media and all it's wonders and not-so-wonders, I do think, if you allow yourself even a few hours of no technology, you will reap the rewards.

For me, it was reaping some peace and quiet so I can tune into what God is trying to teach me. Letting the Spirit speak up and me shut up. It was tapping into that inspiration I had seemed to lost. Because, believe it or not, technology can suck the life, inspiration, peace, contentment, and happiness right out of ya.

We all know that person that can't stop texting or talking on their phone. You're in the middle of a conversation with them and all of the sudden they're tuning you out and are on their phone. Maybe you're that person. I can so be that person.

It's obnoxious, right? It's rude. Pulling out the laptops, cell phones, and headphones can also pull out a wall between you and the relationships you are/need to invest it.

Ask yourself this: When you connect onto a your latest social media obsession are you disconnecting yourself from reality? Disconnecting from the fact that your brother had a really crummy day and wants to talk about it? Or your mom is really tired and needs a hug? Or your dad doesn't like his new job and wants to vent? Or your best friend needs some girl/guy time? Think about these questions. Start being aware to how you can create walls in your life via technology. Then, change the way you use it.

I'm not saying going all Amish on me (I usually try not to name drop because I don't want to offend anyone or any people group but, honestly, how is any Amish person ever going to see this?) but set aside time to catch up on email and notifications---and try when it's just you time!---and then be done with it. Turn off the gadgets and go outside, have coffee with your sister, or make dinner for your neighbors. Enjoy life. Build relationships. 

Disconnect so you can connect. 

[And for all you judgy-types out there, I am currently writing this blog post during the hour block I have during the day where no one is home and I drink coffee by myself. ;) ]

*My super exciting life happenings include, but are not limited to, the following: baking cookies with my cat, watching re-runs of Boys Meets World.... with my cat, asking random strangers to be my friends, and dancing to myself in the mirror (cat may or may not be included).