Once I get over this friendship issue, I am going to be awesomely living for God.
Once I get over this insecurity, God is going to do great things through me.
Once I get to know this person, my life is going to be doing crazy cool things for my Creator.

Whose thoughts are these? Mine over this past month.

I got in this trap of thinking that once I overcame a challenge, I could really start living for God. I thought that once life was perfect, I could be on my A-game.

Then, God smacked that thought right out of the fish bowl.

You see, God said that His grace is enough. In fact, in our weaknesses, our bad days, and our mishaps God's grace and glory are allowed to be made most evident.

No, that doesn't mean we should just go about our lives with little regard to our addictions and sins. But it does mean, that we shouldn't make it about us and overcoming our issues. It should be about making GOD famous and allowing HIM to shape us so that HE can be made known better.