Love God.

We're supposed to love God with everything in us, right?

I mean, Luke 10:27 says [Jesus] said, "That you love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and muscle and intelligence."

When I read that my first thought is this: that kind of love is not something we see everyday. Apathy is something that can very easily be found in the schools of America, on the faces of people watching commercials asking for money to benefit children across the globe, and in the eye of a teenager disrespecting their parents. But secondly, what does that really mean?

Love God with all your passion, all your prayer, all your muscle, all your intelligence.

So often I want that to be contained in a box. I want a step by step process to becoming "all out" for God. Guess what? That's not exactly how God laid out the Bible. God made the pursuit of Him and his holiness to be one for those who are persistent, dedicated, and passionate. It's not for the weak of heart; for the easily thrown back. Following God is tough stuff.

The other day I found myself contemplating just how hard following God is. The simple fact that He calls us to not cherish anything more tightly than Him hits me hard.

I cherish a lot of things. Some are decent sounding things. Things people want you to cherish--and you should, just not above God.

These "good" idols are ones such as family, friends, health, and ministry.

But then I can very easily see where these "good" things become evil. Like when I am about to throw away all of what I stand for to win over the crowd of "friends" I so desire to have. Or when I am under-eating just to be "healthy." Or when I get so caught up in the meetings and the having it all together that I forget this important truth: I am to love God first and foremost above all else.

Then I think of the idols that cannot be masked by pretty sounding names like worry, envy, greed, when you want sleep more than time with God, pornography, lust, eating disorders, the yearn for revenge, the act of revenge, bitterness, gossip, fakeness.

This is what we hold onto. This is what we say (maybe not with our words, but with our actions) is better and more satisfying than the One who decided to pluck you out of your measly little life and grant you a beautiful ending and a full life---a life that didn't end in spending eternity in hell.

I wish I could say that I am living all out for God. I don't know if I will ever be able to fully say that. But I am getting closer. Somewhere in between the mess ups, the apathy, and the idols I find myself longing for something more... something bigger. And I hope I never stop searching for Him.