There is a beautiful future ahead of me... and I'm living in a blessed present.

God's demanding my focus and I'm asking Him to hold on.

Man, it sounds horrible saying it like that. I'd much rather say, "Oh, I love spending time with God, but I'm called to build relationships, right? And facebook is a great way to do that!" or "I get tweet updates sent to my phone that are great, godly quotes from the followers of Christ like A.W. Tozer and C.S. Lewis and Max Lucado and... *uhm* Charlie McDowell... so it's not that bad... right?"

I like to think God is laughing at my stupidity... but I'm sure His heart is breaking.

Why is it so hard for our culture----for me!---to just get still and spend time with God? Why do I run to answer a phone call, but drag my feet when I'm going to pick up my Bible and read? Why do I watch movies full of gossip, premarital sex, and filth yet never spend time talking to the gossips, the teenage girl who got pregnant, or the homeless man? I mean, would Jesus get more excited over the Hangover 2 or having lunch with a struggling alcoholic?

Man, we as a society are so twisted. We as a church have such a warped way of thinking.

I decided to stop the Twitter updates I get sent to my phone... just for awhile. I mean, they are not wrong in and of themselves. They can be inspirational, funny, and thought provoking. But, they aren't benefiting me right now... in the season I am in now.

Though this season kinda sucks in a way because God is shaping me and chiseling at my own filth (and it's painful). I'm learning to cling to Him, though. I'm listening to Hope in the Air by Laura Marling (only the best woman ever) on RELEVANT fm. That's how I feel right now. This time of change that God's doing in me hurts, but there is hope in the air. There is a beautiful future ahead of me... and I'm living in a blessed present.