Marwiage is what bwings us together today...

The future has been pressing on my mind lately, specifically getting married (which might have to do with the fact that I went to my cousin's wedding and then got in the wedding mood and have been stalking cute photographs of engagement, wedding, and anniversary sessions... that's not creepy, right?). :)

Getting married is a pretty cool---pretty big---ordeal. When you marry someone you are saying that you are ready to spend the rest of your life being faithful to him/her alone.

This isn't easy for my generation. We want the quick and happy fix and when the "buzz" is gone, we want to find a new way to make us feel good. In relationships we go from one person to the next. Most don't even have a title or acknowledgement that they are exclusive. They say to each other that they are just friends who make out every so often. No big deal, right?

Wrong. Just watch the movies and TV shows where characters try to live like this. Notice what kind of movies and shows they are? Dramas. Treating casual, sexual encounters as "no big deal" causes drama. Ya know why? Because no matter how hard you try, you can't leave your emotions out of it. God made it that way, because He made it where being intimate with your husband/wife brings a bond that nothing and no one can break. That's awesome! Yet, we've turned a mockery out it.

I was talking to a friend recently about the guy who is currently pursuing her. She told me how she felt a little uneasy because the other day he texted her and said, "Hey, Aly* (a mutual friend of theirs) is coming over. Do you mind if I cuddle with her?" I (being me) snapped (in a nice way... kind of) and started a rant about how that is rude and a HUGE warning sign. I figured my friend would agree with me (I mean they are the ones talking about how much they like each other!) but she just said, "Oh, I mean I don't like it... but that's just the way he is." Well, hon, I don't really think that excuse is going to make you feel better when you two get married and he sleeps with your best friend.

I feel like our society has just made any intimate display of affection worthless. Kissing is no longer something you save for someone you really admire, but just a casual way to end a first date. Cuddling is now done between casual friends.

We as girls complain all the time about how guys treat us poorly, yet we allow it---just like my friend!

Something I consistently pray is that I will not get so wrapped up in a boy that I don't see the warning signs. I have seen my friends notice and then brush off big red flags that, in the end if they had of taken notice, would've saved them heartache.

I'm not speaking out of a holier-than-thou kind of tone. I'm convincing myself of this right now, too! Sometimes, girls especially, want to be loved so badly that we settle. Please---both girls and guys---don't settle! Don't date just anyone. Don't give into the temptation to say, "It's no big deal" and then do something you're going to regret.

I'm heading up to Charlotte this weekend and staying with a couple I love, love, love! I remember when I was younger the wife talking to me about this very thing. She made mistakes growing up and she tells me now she wish she would've not treated all relationships so carelessly. She wish she would've kept in mind that someday she'll have to give an account to her future husband.

Keep that in mind as you go through the years of singleness you may find yourself in. Stay strong! God is a pretty good matchmaker. I promise.