Man Up!

PREFACE: If I offend you, don't read this. I understand this is going to make people mad that I believe this way, but it's my belief. If you want to talk more about this just message me, call me, whatever. I'd be happy to talk to you!

I came across something this evening that, after one too many times of seeing, really ticked me off.

I mean it irked the crap out of me.

So, have I sparked your attention yet? You want to know what the anger was rooted in?

Okay, let me give you the low down (I'm pretty sure that is not a saying): I nanny... a bunch. Thankfully, with all the families I help out with I make enough money where I don't need a "real" part time job. For the most part, I watch some of the most adorablest angels on the planet! They are awesome! And, lately, it has really hit me how much parents influence their children. I mean, I understand that it is inevitable that you pick up traits from your parents (and watching a little kid  talk on a pretend cell phone reveals A LOT about what a child picks up from their mom or dad) but parents also have this huge role of helping cultivate who their child is growing to become, how they are going to think of themselves, and how they treat others.

Parents got a darn hard job.

So, it made me really mad that this evening I found yet another household with magazines in the bathroom basket full of nude girls (I didn't look inside, but I knew by the magazine name what they were full of).

It made me sick. It still is just thinking about it.

For one, looking at porn is wrong for a follower of Christ (and both of these households give the impression/claim to be). God says to not let anything foul or dirty in your mind. He calls us to think on pure things. But, also, as a woman it is completely humiliating. With all the pressure us girls have to be the perfect size, have the perfect skin, and the perfect aura of sexyness about us we don't need guys getting this idea in their heads that the girls in the latest magazines are what "real" women look like. They are fake. They are unrealistic.

Secondly, IT WAS IN THE GUEST BATHROOM! Please, if you are going to be into that stuff do it shamefully. Don't put it out where people who visit your home will find it. Don't put it where your 2 year old daughter can get it (or just get throw it in the trash can, burn the trash can, and then take it all to the dump)! Gosh, it just makes me sick. The poor children in those homes (and many around the country--and world!) are going to grow up thinking that junk is okay. The girls are going to think they have to look like the air-brushed sex symbols in those cruddy magazines and the boys are going to think that they aren't a man if they don't read that crap.

I understand how hard it is to shield your eyes, boys (and girls). I understand that we, as both genders, have insane expectations placed upon us. Speaking directly toward the guys for a minute: the pressure you all have really hit home with me this evening. One of the magazines came with the title of "How to be a Real Man" and the sub title was about "getting layed." That just made me want to cry for all of you. But, please hear this: girls love guys who are men. We may laugh when you say a dirty joke in front of us, we may act like it's no big deal when you talk about viewing porn when we are around, but we don't take it lightly. When you treat us with respect (to our face and behind the computer screen) you are being a real man; a man who is godly, romantic, and manly. 

So please guys, think about what you are viewing. If you start an addiction now you will carry it for a long time if you don't get yourself out of it. If you aren't married think of your future wife, children, and self. Think of the standard God holds you to. Please, guys, be men about this.