I have no clue where I am going... but my all knowing God is in the driver's seat.

As I said in a recent blog post, I just got back from a BigStuf conference. One of the truths that a speaker pointed out to me that has continuously been in my head these last few days is that, while I may not know where I am going, I know the God I am following.

God has just recently planted a dream in my heart to reach my school and community for Him. The way I feel He wants me to go about it is exciting, but it's going to take a lot of work and, I feel, a lot of room for me to get discouraged.

I don't know what I am doing half of the time as I am now in the preparation process and, at the moment, I don't exactly have a group of people who are willing, capable, or have time to help out (I do have some wonderful human beings that God has blessed me with. They're incredibly talented people and I am so thankful for them). 

I know that beginning this coming month as I really start promoting and kicking off this God-driven dream I am going to have an insane amount of opportunity to make it all about me. I can't do that. I cannot make it all about me. I don't want to make any of it about me (well, I do humanly speaking, but eternally, I don't). I don't want to do that (and if any of you readers find me giving myself the credit smack me in the face... seriously... although, warn me first).

Still, I am holding onto the fact that, though I feel lost in this process right now, I know and can continue to know even better the great, big God I walk with each day.

Have a fabulous 4th of July!

P.S. Did you guys know we didn't really declare our independence on this date?

P.P.S. I know in my most recent blog post (about the gorgeous wedding I found) I got all giddy over the fact that it was held in my favorite place in the world---Cape Town, South Africa. So, in dedication to that I wore a very safari looking outfit today (yes, I know that area has cosmopolitan aspect of it in some areas, but it's Africa. And safari is pretty much synonymous with the word Africa.) Also, I just left the pool so I am sure my hair looks like a lion. I'm all African-ed out!