what kind of gas do you have?

I was standing at the gas pump watching as my hard-earned money went into my car---that, by the way, now has no AC which wouldn't be that big of a deal if my windows hadn't of broken and now I can't roll them down... hello, summer!---and this thought came to me:

We get gas and our car either takes in regular, special, or super. It all depends on what your car can get by on, what it needs, and what drives it... literally.

In a way, you can also categorize a group of people with these same labels. And these people are called Christians.

Now, you may have been following Christ for 50 years or 5 months. You may not know Christ at all. You may not want to know Him. But, wherever you are in your walk with God, or lack thereof, I think we all can vouch for this labeling of Christians.

You see, the "regular" Christians are the one that can make up the majority of self-proclaimed Jesus lovers. They are the ones who have nothing to do with Christ except maybe a Sunday morning spent tweeting during church. When they need help they suddenly realize their need for God, but once they are taken care of they go right back to rejecting God. They can be labeled the hypocrites. They talk the talk, yet fail to live it out. They don't live in a way that glorifies God; they live for themselves and you cannot tell them apart from someone who denies God with his mouth.

Next up is the "special" Christians (say this with a lisp... it's fun). A LOT of people can fall into this group. They are the people who are the "good kids." They don't cuss, they don't drink, party, have sex, and their life is centered around a list of rules they feel, that if followed, sets them apart from all the other "regulars." Heck, they may attend a Bible study. Or even go to church Sunday morning, evening, AND Wednesday night. They're lovin' some church time. They'll go to a camp with their church, hear a cool message, and feel up, but once home the "high" dies off and they go right back to their persona of living a dull, uninteresting, rule-based life. There is no passion. There is no authenticity. There is no life. This is such a sad way to live. It's such a comfortable way to live.

Finally, we come to the "super" Christ followers. They are few and far between. They live a hard life, but a passion-filled one. They are the ones who deny their culture's cry to please only themselves and decide to glorify only their Jesus. They are real. They are free. They are radical. They're the ones who aren't "too good" to talk to the left out, druggies, and unloved. They are the ones who love Christ with a passion that shakes up the people they are around. They can make people feel uncomfortable because their life is so different from everyone else's. They are the prayer warriors, the planet shakers, and the dreamers. They have a drive that takes them places and keeps them going, and that is this: to make Christ's love known to all. But, just as super gas is more pricey than both regular and special, the same goes for super Christians. Being a "super" is gonna cost you. It means you are most likely going to lose friends. You are going to stand out. You are going to, at times, look stupid or different. But, you are taking in a higher quality gas which gives you a higher quality life.

So, no comes the question:

what kind of gas are you filling up with?