I want a manly man.

A little too manly
I want a manly man.

I think girls today have settled for the un-gentlemen like guys claiming that there is no chivalry left in the world.

Get real.

Yes, our society downplays and degrades the beauty of a relationship where the man makes the initiative and pursues the girl. They criticize men who won't talk "locker room" talk about a certain girl; who treat a woman the way she deserves to be treated. But that does not mean all men are like this! And we as girls must realize this and wait for one who is.

I have high standards for all guys (regardless of if there is a romantic interest involved). When a guy is pursuing me for a more than friendship relationship I expect him to pay, him to call (not text!) and ask--in advance--for a date, and walk up to my door and get me and then walk me back to my door when the date is over. In any relationship--dating or friendship--I expect the guy to open the door for me, acknowledge my parents, and respect me.

I'm not anti-feminist. I love the fact that I can go out and have a high paying job. That I can vote and go to college with no fight. That I have rights! But, we were created, by design, to be the nurturer and to be pursued. Men were made to do the chasing. They were designed for that. And the more we as women don't hold our fellow men up to a higher standard, the more they are not going to respect us. It's as simple as that.

I don't want a man who is a wuss by any means. I want a protector. A warrior. A fighter. A man.

And I want to be the kind of woman that pushes the men in my life to treat me like a lady. To love me to their best ability and treat me with honor.

 So, are you the kind of man I described? And girls, are you holding the men in your life accountable?