How would we change?

What would happen if we truly understood how vital it is for us, as Christ's called, to focus on eternal things---loving God, loving people?

How would our lives be different?

I know mine sure would. I got onto the Internet and one of the first things I did was checked my email, which was followed by staying on Facebook and Twitter a little too long. I mean, there is nothing wrong with these sites. I love how easily I can now connect with people I would otherwise rarely---if ever---speak to. But, I think our society spends a bit too much time focused on the frivolous things---like Facebook or the latest celebrity gossip or health secret---that we forget that life is not promised. Tomorrow is not promised.

I wrote this the other day about taking a break from all of life's craziness and just spending time with our Maker:

My heart needs an exodus
from all of life's chaos.
I need to meet you at Gethsemane.
My God, my Maker, come sit with me,
in this quiet place,
on this holy ground.
My soul longs to be still;
to separate myself from this world.

I feel like taking time to separate from life's busyness and spend intimate relaxation with your Creator is impossible if you don't put the effort in. It takes discipline. It is so hard. That has been so evident in my life as of late. I have noticed how I think that a five to ten minute skim through the Bible will suffice for the day. Unfortunately, not only am I hurting myself by not truly knowing the One who called me, but I am hurting Him.

Just some thoughts...

P.S. These are meerkats. Did you know that?