Becoming Q

                                        Becoming Q

Q, in my opinion is the oddest letter of the alphabet. Seriously. It’s one of those letters that are lamer than all the vowels, because “Q” isn’t used in every word. It’s not used as often as, let’s say “b”, but yet, when used people take notice more than most other letters. It’s like a semi-colon. Periods are mundane, exclamation points are exciting and happy, but have just been thrown into the “I see that everyday” pile, and questions are asked all the time, don’t you think? A semi-colon, though, now that’s different. Not a colon, my dear ones, but a SEMI-colon. If used properly it can completely alter a sentence, paragraph, paper, book, or even a life! … Okay, I got carried away.

For real, though, when you see a semi-colon doesn’t it make you stop for minute? Maybe even re-read the sentence, because not that a semi-colon is thrown into the mix; you fear you might not truly grasp what the sentence is trying to portray. A semi-colon can rock your world… it did mind. ;)

Okay, I don’t know if you picked up on this, but I am a bit of an English nerd. Laugh all you want, but while you go around saying grammatically incorrect statements, like “I seen that movie 2 years ago, too!”, which in reply makes me want to ask, “Well did you seen me hit my head against that brick wall when your last sentence was so incorrect you looked like an elephant with a head the size of a mouse?” I know in my heart, that if I were ever to find myself in the presence of Edgar Allen Poe (which is not really a good example, seeing as he’s dead), I could stand with my head held high knowing that I speak English good. (Did you catch that?! :])

Getting back on topic: this book itself is a lot like the letter “Q”; different, odd, freakish. Hopefully, though, you will come to see my point as I attempt to show you the significance of being a “Q” in life. Yes, I said that you should be a “Q” in your life.

What does that mean, you ask. Well, I will reveal to you the power of this letter and its “hidden meanings”. Join me as we take on unraveling the wisdom behind this oddball letter.


Being different is pretty popular, now a days. I mean, you walk down the hallways wearing shoes no one has been aware of before and suddenly, they’re cool.

You guys are lucky, mind you. For me, before the whole, “Being unique is cool” came along, I was being unique and, well, not cool. In fact, I am pretty eccentric still. I wear mismatched socks every single day. You will never see me with identical socks on. Don’t ask me why. I don’t really know. I have been doing it for about 3 years and I don’t plan to stop.

Also, on my list of reasons why you know I am cool, I wear super hero band-aids, I frequently wear bright colored clothes that makes my sister walk really fast in front of me for some reason while walking into our high school doors, and I have obsession for the Little Mermaid and Chick-fil-A that scare most people.

So, now that I have completely scared you away from this book, bare with me as I get to my point.

Being different in clothes, hair, and gadgets is pretty popular, right? I mean, in no way does the “cool” different cross the fine line between eccentric and freak, but still, a little odd is desired by most high school students. What about different in the way you act? How are we called by God to act uniquely in the way we conduct our lives?

Remember how at the beginning of this book I talked about how when someone sees a word with the letter “Q” in it they take notice and it stands out than most other letters? That’s how we need to be. We must be so consumed with God’s love, joy, peace, and kindness that it reaches to the brim of our hearts and then spills over passionately into an ongoing action of Him and His mercy in the form of our lives, actions, and words.

How, though, do we reach that point where we are so overtaken with His affection and magnificence that we can take it to the streets and put it into motion?

I know I ask this question a lot, and I always come up with the same answer: pray and read the Bible. I would get so frustrated with this answer, because it seemed so mundane to me, in all honesty. I have found recently, that this is anything but the case. When you enriched your life and spirit with the God-breathed, untainted Word of our Savior and Master to the point where you are meditating so hard and soaking up so much of the scriptures that it is constantly in your mind throughout your day, the commands of our Lord comes out. Sometimes without trying, sometimes with much trial, we are weaned and improved into the children of God we are called to be. So, dig in, soak up, and thrive on God’s perfect Word. If you want a devotional book to help you read through some of the books in the Bible, buy one! We live in such an opportunity-full time. We have so many resources and we need to learn all we can from the wonderful writers and speakers God has bestowed such talents to.

Bible reading is just part of it, though. Prayer is the way we communicate with our Best Friend. It’s kind of like how we call up or text a friend when we want to talk, except He never loses signal, has His phone off, or just doesn’t want to talk. In fact, God is always wanting to spend time with us.

I love the fact that God is always with me. He is Omni-present and the cool thing is He is so indescribable and never-ending in His characteristics that I have yet to tire of Him. He keeps surprising me with the little and big miracles He does in my life, and yet I wonder why I am always so surprised; I should have expected it from our incredible God.

Sometimes, though, it is difficult praying. I feel like a lot of people make it a lot more complicated than it really is. With their, “Dear Father God of Heaven, I ask of You blessings and honour Lord Jesus Savior.” If that is really how you talk, cool for you, but if that is just how you were taught to pray than scratch that off the chalkboard and learn a new way. We should come into His presence (or spend time with Him) with an attitude of reverence and worship, because He is so insanely amazing, but the thing is, He is not at all impressed by our words or actions. In fact, He said in His book of Isaiah chapter 64 verse 6 that “We are all infected and impure with sin. When we display our righteous deeds,they are nothing but filthy rags."

What does that mean? Well, the word “righteousness” is like saying all our “good acts” or “kind words” or “sweet gestures”. It is our “right-ness”. So, God is saying that all our attempts at being good are useless. God sees them as filthy rags.

Imagine it this way: you get a fabulous white dress (or shirt for you men out there) for your vacation to the beach this summer. You love it! It fits perfectly, you got it for a great deal, and your friends all adore it. You decide that, since your vacation is still 2 months away, you are going to get good use out of your beautiful dress. So, you wear it to parties, cook outs, and church and you just love it. Every time you wear it you wash it afterwards with good smelling detergent (the expensive kind that your mom complained about it being more money than a one person dinner at a fine dining restaurant) and make sure you get no stains on it… and in your eyes, you don’t. Oh sure, you have a little tan spot from some eye shadow you used before you came and there’s a small pink dot from some pink lemonade that spilled on you, but hey, who’ll notice? The guy that you have had your eye on for the past year will. In fact, he views more. You see, his contacts have been messed up for awhile and when he looks at any object or person, they have brown, dirty looking spots all over them. Therefore, when you walk to the backyard of his for his annual “End of School” cook out, you think your dress is spotless and perfect, but he thinks to himself, Dang, does she bathe or is it no wash June?

Your two hours of getting ready for that cook out is wasted, because your love interest thinks you look like a slob and belong in the garbage. That’s how it is with God and our “good deeds”. God is holy. He is blameless, He is perfect, and because of His pureness, He can’t even look at sin. He can’t look at any evilness. Therefore, if you have never committed into a relationship and accepted Christ’s gift of forgiveness, He can’t look at you. Now, stick with me. When, Jesus died on a tree, naked, being tormented, bullied, and humiliated He took all of our bad stuff, our sin, and His dying took the command that those who had sin must die. He took every single evil thing we have ever done, from telling a white lie to your friend, to calling your sister a gofer mouth with bad breath. He took it all! That dude you like who saw you as filthy, bought new contacts and now he sees you as spotless, not because you are, but because he got a new vision. Jesus bought God new vision with His death. You put Clorox on those two stains and now he’s thinking, 'Wow, she looks squeaky clean' (or beautiful, which ever one you prefer).

Now that I have given you an example of my A.D.D., here we go back to prayer: the way you approach God doesn’t matter. You can say “Father God” as much as you want, or you can simply say, “Hi, God. This is what’s going on right now.” God doesn’t care how you talk to Him, as long as you talk and your Spirit is a Spirit of reverence and adoration.

A third aspect of becoming fully in love with our Maker is worship. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? I mean, we hear a couple worship songs before we hear the message and then we're good, right? Wrong. Worship is a continuous way of expressing our gratitude and adoration of our Jesus. You can worship Him in so many ways: music, writing, talking of His character, whatever! Just make your life a canvas of worship to our Savior.

I feel like worship is overlooked a lot. I sure overlook it quite a bit. What I am learning is that worship is how we get closer to Christ. Through worship we get the focus off of us and onto Him. Through worship we get the focus off of our fears and instead focus on God's greatness and power. Through worship we are filled with the Holy Spirit.

Worship is important.

So, we have got those three important aspects of life on the table. Now for a touchy subject:

You need to join a community of like-minded Christ followers. Why is this a touchy subject? Well, I know that a lot of people have been hurt from Christians. I also know that a lot of the stories of these hurtful encounters were not your fault at all. People who follow Christ are humans so they will most definitely mess up (just live with me for a week). But, we are also called to a different way of life; a "Q" life. Some Christ followers though don't care or just don't know they are doing anything wrong.

Let me give you hope though! Do not give up on all Christian communities. Just because one church body hurt you, don't stop looking for a church body that will do it's purpose: encourage, support, and love you to the best of their ability.

Yes, they still will mess up. Yes, they will not fulfill your life completely. But, they will be there for support in your walk with Jesus.

So, go find a church body that suits you! Some go for the contemporary churches, other more traditional. Whatever suits you, go visit. Do not get discouraged; go up and mingle and see where you best fit. Join a Bible study. Do something that will get you in a weekly get together with people following Jesus.

Finally, serve. Go and do something that is not all about you. Visit a nursing home, help out at a soup kitchen, or baby sit for free for a couple or single mom/dad that need a night out. Go help!

Okay, we have got the basics down. This is the foundation. Is it overwhelming? It may feel like it, but trust me, once you start the first two: bible study and talking with God, the others will be something you WANT to do.

Beginning an indepth relationship with Christ is exciting and exhilerating! Don't stop!